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Giphoscope n° 12 | The Public Domain Review Collection

Sold to a private collector in Somerville, MA, USA.

The Giphoscope n° 12 - created in collaboration with The Public Domain Review and sold through the PDR Store - displays an Animated GIF of two nude blacksmiths hammering, created from the first and third line of images on Plate 377 in: Muybridge, Eadweard (1887). Animal Locomotion: an Electro-photographic Investigation of Consecutive Phases of Animal Movements, 1872-1885. Vol. II: Males (nude).  

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The Giphoscope is the world first handmade analog GIF player. 
Each Giphoscope is built to order and is a one-of-a-kind piece of art
To know more about the Giphoscope, making of, collections and orders, please visit: or write to

The Giphoscope: Perpetual (E)motion.

By Alessandro Scali & Marco Calabrese from Officina K | OKKULT Motion Pictures, Turin, Italy.

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only because this IS the bistro

only because this IS the bistro

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